Daddy I Love You, Mother Must Die

I’ve never really been attracted to my father. Nor have I really felt any sort of murderous envy towards my mother. But according to Psychoanalysts, specifically Mr. Freud and Mr. Jung, prior to being made to choose my sexuality and right after my realization that I lacked the serpent in the pants, I became attached to my father with the belief that he would impregnate me. My mother, the object of his desire and love, stood as a threat and an obstacle to my attainment of my father.

To be completely honest, that’s creepy as shit.

Up until the age of 8, I was still under the impression that babies were born in test tubes and that my and my brother’s urination tools were human aesthetics, with his being of the post-modern persuasion.

3 thoughts on “Daddy I Love You, Mother Must Die

  1. haha, i remember reading freud in middle school thinking ‘wth’. as for babies i never thought about it (too busy dreaming) and decided one day i would find out what sex really was, through my biology book

    in high school.


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