Miley Cyrus – A Conversation

Sana: Contrary to your ridiculous propaganda, Miley Cyrus, it is not a party in the USA. The country is in complete shambles thanks to a broken economy, escalated warfare, a president upon whom too much hope has been put, heightened racism and right-wing fundamentalism, and Tiger Woods’ fall from a the high moral mantle we, as loving fans, placed him upon. And go put a sweater on.

Alex: But, in spite of that, Miley makes a claim for the unifying possibilities of music and culture. Despite internal cultural divisions, despite the distance physically and ideologically between Nashville and Hollywood, when the taxi-man turns on the radio and the Jay-Z/Britney song is on, there is suddenly common ground again. Hands go up, butterflies fly away, heads bop and hips move like YEAH, and you know it’s gonna be okay.

Alex: It’s an argument in favour of the cultural centre and the existence of common ground, even if only in an (acknowledged) totally superficial manner.

Sana: I agree that her attempt at bridging otherwise widely believed dichotomous genres and cultural societies is appreciated, at the very least, but I feel such an attempt is completely in vain. Jay-Z, while a man of several tastes, could never be paired with Britney. I Additionally, Hollywood and Nashville are two completely different societies in their function. Nashville is primarily known for its music production while Hollywood is more film-based. This fundamental difference makes it hard for us to find a point of real commonality outside skank hoz.

Sana: I also believe that Miss Cyrus will only be achieve such unity amongst a very particular elite. However cute that may be, it is, in fact, useless.

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