Immigration to the Corner

“The American narrative is closely intertwined, irrevocably, with the narrative of The Immigrant. The foundation of this country has been built upon the backs and sustained through the efforts of The Immigrant – be it forced or voluntarily. And yet while the narrative and the contributions of The Immigrant – especially of The Immigrant of the past – have been celebrated, the ugliness that was a part of the experience and persists till this day is oft-ignored or, at best, given a simple superficial nod of acknowledgment. Cultivation of the fine arts, cuisine and of the economy is always at the forefront of the mainstream discourse on The Immigrant. The cultural jolts, the legal messes, the bureaucratic faults and the financial instability and uncertainty, however, are rarely.”

This is an excerpt from a recent post of mine on the Palestine Center’s Permission to Narrate blog. It is a review of the still-in-production documentary, Corner Store. It needs your support – hopefully the review will give you good reason to understand and believe in the importance of this story.


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