The Post-Modernism of Chat Programs

Friend: Only counts if you type the smile! :D

Me: Gross.
I’m so beyond smilies.
We’re in the post-modern smiley age of chat programs

Friend: ‘splain

Me: Uh, I only have that much knowledge.
I can’t really go beyond that.
I don’t tknow anything more.

Friend: oh, it sounded promising

Me: Hahaha
Well if you want something
Since chat programs have become such an essential form of communication between people, and have been used excessively by our generation ..ohh the days of yahoo chat, msn, etc ..we are at the point where we should have internalized online tone and mood. We should be able to analyse someone’s mood by just how they type, the spaces between responses, the number of words, etc.

Friend: okay, now tie in modernity/post-modern

Me: Thus when someone says something which they intend to say with a smile, their tone should tell us that they are smiling.
Well, a chat program’s a modern manifestation of human interaction. It strips away the actual intimacy and personalization (for lack of a better word at 2 am) which comes with face to face interaction (which you lose even with webcams). So, chat programs/social network sites ARE modern in that they duplicate human interaction with a specific interpretation which reads that you don’t need another’s physical presence to actually feel their presence.
Now, we’re even beyond that.
We’re rethinking chat interactions

Friend: wow, your BS is impressive

Me: And going towards things like Twitter which further depersonalize human interaction.

Friend: the force is strong with you

Me: what can I say, four years of poli sci have done me well.

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